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As an aside, these two|articles rather NEATLY sum up why I cannot stand Call of Duty or anything of its ilk, despite being an unshamed military otaku and a big fan of war stories.

It isn’t that I mind cutscenes or scripted events. Far from it: I regularly sing the praises of Hideo Kojima, after all. But this is something different: at no point when playing Metal Gear have I ever felt like the game didn’t want my input. Even in the longest, talkiest cutscenes of the longest, talkiest game in that series, MGS4, there is CONSTANTLY shit you can do to fuck around and take the piss out of it, features the DESIGNERS put there because they knew that not everybody would be into their story. Hell, fucking around in the cutscenes often gets you in-game rewards, like scooping up batteries and items on the plane while messing around as Metal Gear Mk. II, or being able to change the channel on Colonel Campbell while he’s plotdumping, or even, in the climactic end sequence, letting you switch between multiple DIFFERENT scenes, going split-screen with gameplay, or just following the gameplay alone. At no point in Metal Gear do I ever feel like I, personally, have no ability to affect what is going on, even if that is as simple as poking the NPCs to remind them they’re in a game.

Or how about, say, Uncharted? Uncharted is all about the cinematic experience, even including tons of non-interactive cutscene, and forced linear railroading… but does anyone EVER accuse of it being too linear? No. Because Uncharted gets you involved by making you a dashing, roguish hero, who constantly lampshades the ridiculousness of his own adventures; the linearity allows you to go off to the sides often, letting you do little puzzles for shiny treasure which let you buy fun stuff for yourself in the in-game store. The setpieces don’t take away your control, but rather let you gleefully direct your very own blockbuster action sequence(the train sequence in Uncharted 2 comes rather strongly to mind). It’s not just an action movie, it is an action movie where you are EXPLICITLY the starring role.

But with Call of Duty… there is, quite simply, no actual game in these games, just an endless parade of scripted events the engine will bop you about the head for trying to affect, bypass, or become involved in. And this isn’t just MW3, either: I played COD4 and MW2 and they were both afflicted by the same resentment of player input. These games blithely shove you forward at a breakneck clip(except when they don’t, forcing you to make an effort to progress, only to be slapped back into place by more significant NPCs), jumping from protagonist to protagonist to fully ensure you never actually become even remotely attached to your faceless cipher of an avatar, stopping only to make you witness ham-handed attempts at moralizing via the vehicle of casually slaughtering the defenseless, usually people you could save if the game didn’t take away your ability to act. They reduce you, not just in terms of narrative role but also your ability to affect events, to a non-entity, a faceless, brainless, meaningless extra in a Michael Bay-esque orgy of inane, knuckledragging violence fetishism.

These games are, in the bluntest terms possible, mean-spirited, pointless, idiotic schlock, and yet somehow, THIS experience is what gamers at large seem to be clamoring for. I feel for the first time as though gaming itself is some sort of alien culture, as though the community I have been part of for most of my life was spontaneously replaced by pod people when I turned my back to go make lunch one day.







If anyone questions why Jade was able to do all those things immediately after hitting god tier and had all this knowledge as to how to do it, I entreat you to remember something.

Her kernelsprite had been prototyped…


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What have I been up to lately?

I’ve been working on The Mask of Inanna. What is it? It’s a podcast radio drama written by my good friend Alicia Goranson, with script editing and creative consultation by yours truly, and a cast of award-winning Boston-area stage actors, the Post-Meridian Players. And you know what you should do? You should go listen to all of it.

I’m dead serious. Usually I get commissioned for a consult or editing and I’m ambivalent on what I’m doing, I’m meh about it. Not my thing, doesn’t interest me, couldn’t care about anything other than the pay. But this one is different; it’s the first time I’ve ever been truly ENTHUSIASTIC about what I do and the role I play in something. The acting is superb, the audio effects are astounding for what amounts to a one-woman sound team, and the writing is tense, gripping, and exciting.

What’s it about? It’s about an old-timey radio horror show, but also about the trials of old age. It’s about madness, and a conspiracy, and the occult. It’s about a fickle deity and the performers she has dance before her like puppets. And it’s also really, really damn funny in spots.

I’ll have a proper review of the first season up in time, but really, this show NEEDS more exposure. So go check it out, right now. You owe it to yourself, as much as I owe it to my patrons.

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And now, let’s all take a breather.

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prince-ichi said: Brony = Girl Gamer. Enough said.

They are kind of equally ridiculous terms, aren’t they. I mean I’m all for being cute and junk but I also kind of feel like ‘brony’ is the most minimal effort they could have put into that appellation.


(this post provides an accurate representation of life on /b/)

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we are sitting here in her living room laughing our asses off

I love how Vex opens up by accusing us of sucking on faulty wiring, because CLEARLY that is the only reason we would ever be upset with a needless and marginalizing gender binary amirite
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and now a postscript

My favorite part of this entire reblogging clusterfuck dealio has been the one person who claimed I retroactively made them autistic.


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potato-butt said: are you a feminist or something

Insamuch as I like the idea of equal rights and representation for women and queer people, yeah. I have no idea where I stand on some kind of Exalted Axis of Political & Philosophical Affiliation but I guess in GENERAL I’m pretty feminist.

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jaruru said: I've seen the term 'Pegasister' around used for girls...your thoughts?

I don’t have a problem with the term; I just haven’t really seen it used at all. If it is growing in popularity, that’s pretty cool and I approve, but I still feel a little annoyed that we have to have gendered terms at all. Like I look at Transformers fans and I don’t see anyone being all ‘I’M A DECEPTIGIRL’ or ‘I’M AN AUTOBOY’, it’s just ‘Transfans.’ Although both of those terms are -pretty awesome- now that I think about them. Shit, can I copyright that? I am gonna be FAMOUS.

as an addendum

Okay, I can roll with the idea of ‘brony’ or ‘bro’ as gender neutral if you PERSONALLY define it as such. I do however ask in return to ask yourself whether you would consider ‘sis’ gender neutral, and if not, I politely assert that you might need to reexamine your assumptions.

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